The Science of Being Great

“I am the greatest of all time…” – Muhammad Ali   Years before Muhammad Ali was ever famous or known widely for his accomplishments, he would say he was the greatest of all time… He said it often and proudly… It takes a different breed of person to yell, “I am the greatest of All time! I love… Read More »

How to Actually See Results

Do you find yourself trying something new every once in a while? Maybe you try something out for a time but then find you are only able to do it consistently for the first few days, maybe a few weeks at best. Whether you’re trying to change a bad habit such as smoking or bad eating, or you’re trying to get into a good… Read More »


One thing that is important to begin integrating into your mentality is an appreciation and acceptance of abundance. This is something oft forgotten by many and it’s apparent in a lot of people’s communication. It’s clear just by how people word things that abundance is not a part of their lives nor do they have a particular fondness… Read More »

Self-Confidence Formula

There are many facets to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, not an overwhelming amount, just about 13; which I will be covering in a proper post soon. But, for now, I want to cover one in particular that you can get started on, be aware of, and gradually begin committing to memory. The Self-Confidence Formula from… Read More »

The 95-5 Rule

In almost any facet of life there is a rule that you want to keep in mind when you’re becoming a successful person, and that rule is the 95-5 rule. The 95-5 rule accounts for the “one-offs,” the rarities, the happenstance cases and for the generally uncommon. The 95-5 rule is this: About 95% of people are good, normal, helpful… Read More »


Do you say things like, “That’s just my luck.” Or, “With my luck, it wouldn’t work.” If the answer is yes, you are putting your success outside of your control. You’re placing the control of your success on “other people” or on “luck,” thus, becoming a drifter (refer to Napoleon Hill’s “Outwitting The Devil”) and pissing off your… Read More »

Start NOW

We have ALL been there before. It was late at night and you were watching something on YouTube or you were reading something and you suddenly got inspired. Or, it was New Years, and you were inspired to accomplish some New Year’s resolution. You got inspired, all pumped up and you felt good and proud of yourself! We… Read More »

Your Money and Your Time

Your money and your time are very important things to consider and evaluate when realizing your financial agenda. It’s important to recognize when something may be a waste of your time; thus, wasting your money. Not paying acute attention to whether you are efficiently using your time in the best way possible for your endeavors, can often be… Read More »

Expect Success

An important thing about success you want to keep in mind when acquiring it is: Do you believe you are going to achieve it? Are you doing everything in your power; reading the books, acquiring the skills, the knowledge, and the experience, to confidently know you are on course? Or, are you idly sitting by letting your dreams,… Read More »